First Neurologist Appointment

4 April 2013

The amazing Neurologist who is helping me through this diagnosis 

Sitting and waiting to see the Neurologist, fidgeting and wondering what he'll say or what happens next.  What feels like hours of anxious waiting its now my turn to go through those doors and into his office.  

Walking into his office and looking around it wasn't as scary as I had imagined.  There was his desk with ample space around and a little exam room with a bed.  I sat opposite him and he started asking questions.  First it was just general questions like age, where I've worked before my current job, how long I've been working in theatre and if I'm still enjoying it.  Maybe these questions were to help put me at ease I'm not sure, but they did.  So feeling a bit more relaxed then came the questions about my symptoms:

What symptoms were you experiencing? (where do I start?!?)

When did they start? (Oh ummm, let me think.....)

How many times have you fallen over? (oh thats an easy one!) 

When did you see your GP about the Vertigo? (ummm...) 

Walk to the door and back. (well thats easier said then done!) 

So I think you get the point, I wasn't prepared as much as I thought I was to answer his questions to what I would deem satisfactory.   

Next comes the physical exam of my sensory changes.   It's safe to say that the left side was quite dismal in its tests.  Being pricked with what felt like a thumb tack on most of my right side and felt quite dull on the left side.  After a few more tests, shining bright lights in my eyes, testing strength and co-ordination here comes the time to discuss the findings.

Back to sitting opposite my Neurologist he starts telling me that he wants to start me on Intravenous steroids because my symptoms are still very active and have been continuing for a long period of time.  I ask him "When?" and he said "Tomorrow."  Umm ok?