29th May is World MS Day

Kiss Goodbye to MS

Multiple Sclerosis has its own day to spread awareness of this silent disease!

Not many people are aware of MS like they are for other causes like cancer, autism, depression and even the Daniel Morcombe Foundation for child safety.  All fundraisers I see that are being done by individuals are predominantly for cancer research, I haven't seen any for MS Research.  This disease deserves as much support as any other cause.  It also deserves just as much recognition.  Educating people about this disease and spreading the word is the only way for people to be aware of this disease.  If you know anyone who has been diagnosed with MS try educating yourself so you can gain an understanding of what they may be going through.  Knowledge is power so get empowered!  

Kiss Goodbye to MS

Kiss Goodbye to MS

I have had my nails painted for Kiss Goodbye to MS by a very good friend Miss Mystique.  She has started her own website so please visit and show some love on her website www.missmystique.com.  

So far in the month of May during the 'Kiss Goodbye to MS' fundraiser campaign $365, 709 has been raised for MS research which is fantastic and the number keeps on climbing!

I urge everyone to continue learning about MS and to join in fundraising or just donate a few dollars towards finding a cure.  

Go to http://www.kissgoodbyetoms.org to donate =D

Much love and thanks xoxo