"You have MS."

28 March 2013

"Your MRI results show consistencies with Multiple Sclerosis."  

Those are words I never imagined would be aimed at me, but there they were.  A phrase that I will never forget.  A phrase that changed my life.  A phrase that made me feel disabled, like I would never live a 'normal' life.  Here I am, 27 years old being given a diagnosis of MS, a progressive disease that is unpredictable and the same for no two people.  Being a Registered Nurse and having some knowledge of MS, brain lesions and demyelination,  my world felt like it had come crashing down.

Lighter parts of my brain are the scarring caused by MS

Sitting in the doctors room with my husband, trying to digest this information, with talk of treatment and Neurologists, it all just seemed surreal.  My doctor took the time to explain what it means to live with MS and answered questions that I never knew I needed answering.  It was noted on the bottom of my MRI report that I had an appointment with a Neurologist for the 4th of April for confirmation of the diagnosis and to discuss treatment options.  Now it was real.  

I would like to admit that it was also a relief to know that there was a reason for everything that was happening to me and that I wasn't crazy.  The dizziness, falling over, vertigo, pins and needles, numbness and general clumsiness were all manifestations of the MS, just presenting themselves at different times.  

This new chapter of my life is unknown, scary and overwhelming.  I would like to invite you to follow me through this new journey I am about to take.